Far Cry 5’s Arcade Mode has less bugs and it’s quite enjoyable

The subject is not there to change any opinion on the game itself, but instead, embrace the players to try out the Arcade Mode Far Cry 5 offers. There are many types of games player could enjoy playing. Whether is that a classic CS: GO alike or PUBG, it all comes down to one conclusion, pinpointing the reason behind the lesser number of bugs.

We know that most of us have enjoyed playing Far Cry 5 by flying through the story mode playing Co-Op, for which has a significant amount of unpleasant bugs. We truly believe they occur because of the way players approach the missions, and every single one of them has a different approach and playstyle.

However, if you try the Far Cry 5 Arcade mode, you can easily find a community-driven projects being successfully anticipated by many players. They tend to include some serious fun, and a right amount of nostalgic environment, such as CS: GO, PUBG, Fortnite same maps, and missions.

Players have already created a good portion of the CS: GO maps, including a PUBG Battle Royale, and they look quite amazing. Widdz, a twitch streamer, and a very well known The Division gamer have been enjoying his Far Cry 5 Arcade mode by playing some of the community created maps and content. He has posted a video on his youtube channel performing a “Far Cry 5 CS: Go match”.

All of the maps are almost identical so players can easily distinguish. Below you can watch some of Widdz’s Dust 2 matchup in Far Cry 5.

Despite the CS: GO maps, players have also created some PUBG and Fortnite BR content, pushing players to survive and win the whole match. This acclaims to be another reason that a community can make a big turnaround in every game, and sometimes even determine if the game is going to be successful or not. Therefore, not a single developer should underestimate the power of the community, because at the end of the day they are the only judges who can either make you fly or burry you down in the ground.

Below you can find Far Cry 5’s Arcade Mode Battle Royale gameplay:

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