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Fortnite Battle Royale iOS Registration is now Live, people believe it will become more popular than Pokemon GO

Even though many people know that Pokemon GO is the most played mobile game with the most stable community, it appears that many of the gamers believe that Fortnite Battle Royale may do a significant turnaround in the mobile gaming.

In general, Fortnite BR should mass grip many gamers around the world and twist them in their world. However, we all know that Pokemon GO is the Magister of mobile gaming, having more than 100,000,000,000 downloads and still counting.

There are multiple reasons why Fortnite players would prefer PC instead of mobile, and there’s not much to explain around that. The answer is simple. It is much easier to keep control in Fortnite by using a Mouse and a Keyboard instead of playing it on the Mobile phone. As Epic Games has claimed that Cross-Play will be available between PC and Mobile, things may get out of control for all the mobile users.


On the other side, since Epic Games has opened the iOS registration for those who want to be among the first to try the game on the mobile platform. Fortnite BR is expected to make new records because of all the fever around the world, and yet Pokemon GO players may play it just for fun before having their Raid session or waiting for the other Partners to gather before they do so.

It may turn out to be the best Pokemon GO companion after all, and those who play Pokemon GO will surely get Fortnite. Speaking for myself, I am more than excited to see what Fortnite BR will offer both regarding gameplay, stability, and fun. After all, it is all about fun, right?

Do not forget to register on this link and hopefully get Fortnite BR on your mobile before everyone else.



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