Fortnite BR Blitz Mode is just the right thing for mobile

Who doesn’t want a fast pace BR mode? It pushes you to step up your gameplay, improve your building reactions and move a lot faster. Thanks to the new Blitz mode, players do need to work hard and improve the game. This, on the other side, gives an advantage for the mobile users to hop on and enjoy a fast game of Fortnite BR.

That’s why the new Blitz mode connects to those enjoying the game on mobile. Sadly, it’s a limited time event, so the game mode is available for a specific time. Since the beginning of the match, the circle is already formed, and the shrinking countdown begins as soon as you hit the ground.

Because it is swift and such an adrenaline booster, its quick session matters and helps players that are on the move or have something to do in real life but they still want to satisfy their needs with at least one Fortnite BR game.

It is more likely to become permanent game mode, since it encourages and correlates good with any player’s real-life needs, so it will deliver them quickly and still enjoy playing Fortnite. Because of the item fullness, you will be more than ready to fight, and the materials you get are only multiplied by 2, which means you get double the materials. It also increases the loot boxes, and treasures chests spawn around the map, so it answers the fast-paced game mode.

It just feels right for every occasion, whether is that going to be a game before an obligation in your life or hopping into a game before an important meeting. As a new game mode, it undoubtedly contributes towards bringing more players on a continuous level, and it can be found as an intention of keeping the players in Fortnite, giving an increased chance for players who are kind of busy in real life to jump in a new match multiple times.

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