Good Morning America is exaggerating with their concern about Fortnite: Battle Royale

This morning, we have witnessed a long conversation regarding video games in Good Morning America. From what we’ve seen, apparently, Good Morning America cares about children’s future, with a form of over-exaggeration in the whole story. In fact, the entire story leverage more towards playing Fortnite, instead of the opposite.

To be more precise, a whole mainstream of media has been swirling around this question, for which is not that important as the brain cells of the kids playing. Even psychologist Dr. Michael Strahan has confirmed that Fortnite is a bit different than any other game, thus proved he is spending some quality game time playing Fortnite with his kids.

On the other side, the president Donald Trump holds a similar theory in his mind when it comes to video games. He has mentioned that he will have a meeting with game directors very soon, for which we do not believe it will bring him an answer.

First of all, parents should spend some time with their kids, and find out what is hiding behind their mind. How could they get in trouble by playing video games, and why? However, the most critical factor is that Fortnite’s Age Rating is Pegi 12, which kind of sets a limit for kids under the age of 12. If you, as a parent cannot prevent your kid which lifetime is shorter than 12 years from actually playing the game, then you’re a lousy parent.

Below you can watch the whole discussion:

Furthermore, Psychologist Dr. Michael Strahan has claimed that despite the harmful component of the game, there’s a lot more that Fortnite offers, and its social content and scene could be more than beneficial for the kids. Those are pros and cons every game has nowadays.

Now, let’s merge with the psychologist, the game might seriously improve kids social skills, plus make him a more competitive person in real life, which is always good in this cruel world. There’s a reason why video games are a real substitute for Sports, and it’s ok to compensate for with playing video games and spend some quality free time.

On the other side of the story, we’re more than curious why was there no info regarding PUBG, when we have all met, and still meet 10y old children in-game, but instead they took Fortnite as an example. Just for the records, PUBG is PEGI 16, and the game is full of kids.

Our advice is parents to take control of their children and only allow them video games according to their age. But let’s be honest, that is not happening, and we all love to spoil our children, right? Well, then, as a parent to parent, various “consequences” shouldn’t worry you at all.

This move looked like a Fortnite commercial before anything else, but like any other human being, we think different.

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