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Killing Floor 2 Infinite Onslaught content update is out, Hits 5 million sales

Tripwire Interactive has announced the new content updates coming today for its FPS shooter, Killing Floor 2. As the developer discovered, the upgrade will be free to play for everyone. Coming under the name Infinite Onslaught, the update is coming on PS, Xbox, and PC.

Below you can watch the official Tripwire Interactive announcement and also the trailer for the upcoming content update.

It adds up to the game. Having free post-launch updates is vital for every game, and the developer is most likely to stop supporting Killing Floor 2. As an add-up to all of these changes, Tripwire Interactive has another reason to cheer for, and that’s the 5 million sales mark. Now, let’s get back to the update. With this update, there have been some changes coming to the game, including bug fixes, balance, new weapons, and maps.

You can find the most essential notes down below:


  • 2 New Maps
    • Endless Only – DieSector
    • Holdout – Power Core
  • New Endless Game Mode
    • Patriarch Trader voice for Endless Mode
    • Chance for mutated waves (Single Zed, Weekly, and Stand Your Ground waves)
  • 3 New Weapons
    • Mac 10 SMG for Firebug and SWAT
    • Husk Cannon for Firebug and Demolitionist
    • AF 2011-A1 for Gunslinger
  • New Playable Character
    • D.A.R.
  • Reworked Zed
    • Elite Alpha Clot is now the Rioter
  • Time Limited Spring Objectives, Tickets and Items (event tickets and drops will not be part of the beta)
    • Endless Spring Objectives to earn D.A.R. armor and variations
    • Cyberpunk Event Tickets
    • Cyberpunk Cosmetics
  • Zedconomy
    • Assault D.A.R. Bundle
    • D.A.R. Cosmetic Crate
    • Weapon Collector Crate
  • New Steam Achievements for DieSector, Power Core, and their Collectibles



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