Monster Hunter: World and its 2.0 update brings Deviljho, the first DLC Boss

Monster Hunter: World has received its only confirmed DLC. However, there is plenty to come as recent rumors discover that there may be others coming. But, thanks to the newest 2.0 update, we have a new threat to deal with and forget about the upcoming additions. With the DLC, a new boss is now present in the game, and that is Deviljho.

Before we continue on other changes, below is a reminder of how Deviljho looks:

The 2.0 update brings more balance improvements and shall align all useful weapons for their purpose of getting the job done. Many of them have received a tweak, except the light and heavy bowguns, so let’s see them down below:

Great Sword

  • Charged Slash II — Damage increased.
  • Charged Slash III — Damage increased.
  • Strong Charged Slash II — Damage increased.
  • Strong Charged Slash III — Damage increased.

Long Sword

  • Foresight Slash — Time window to successfully trigger increased.
  • Foresight Slash — Hitbox to successfully trigger increased.
  • Foresight Slash — Damage hitbox increased.
  • Foresight Slash — Increased the angle that the player can control the direction of the attack.
  • Spirit Helm Breaker — (Bug Fix) After use, you should now properly be immune to knockbacks until you land on the ground.

Sword & Shield

  • Roundslash — Damage increased.
  • Wedge beetles can now be used when using the slinger with your weapon drawn.


  • Charge Tier 2 — Charged Upswing stun values increased.
  • Charge Tier 2 — Charged Brutal Upswing stun values increased.
  • Charge Tier 3 — Charged Big Bang stun values increased.

Hunting Horn

  • The Encore effect for the Self-Improvement melody now also increases your attack power (the effect is now “Attack Up + Deflected Attack Prevention”).


  • Shelling — Damage parameters increased when sharpness is yellow or worse.
  • Sharpness loss alleviated for all Wyrmstake Cannon and Wyvern’s Fire attacks.
  • Wyrmstake Cannon — Damage increased.
  • Wyvern’s Fire — Damage increased.

Switch Axe

  • Zero Sum Discharge — Level 4 Earplugs effect during use.
  • It is now possible to chain the beginning of Sword: Jumping Element Discharge into Zero Sum Discharge.
  • Zero Sum Discharge Finisher — Damaged increased.
  • Mounted Discharge Finisher — No longer causes sharpness loss.
  • Zero Sum Discharge — (Bug Fix) After use, you should now properly be immune to knockbacks until you land on the ground.

Charge Blade

  • Impact Phials — Attack power bonuses from effects other than that of the Artillery skill (for the explosions) were decreased.
  • Axe: Super Amped Element Discharge — Stun values decreased for Impact Phials.
  • Phial stun values increased for all attacks other than Axe: Super Amped Element Discharge.
  • Elemental values increased for Power Element Phials.
  • Axe: Super Amped Element Discharge — Power Element Phial explosions spaced closer together to make them easier to hit.

Insect Glaive

  • Improved the effect of the attack power increase for red/white and red/white/orange extract hybrid effects.
  • Extract effect times increased overall.
  • Extract effect times no longer decrease while mounting a monster.


  • Counter-thrust — Temporary knockback negation during a successful counter-thrust.

Dual Blades

  • Demon Gauge — Can now be increased by Demon Mode roundslashes and Demon Flurry Rush.
  • Demon Mode — Fixed a bug where you could not cancel Demon Mode when transitioning from a Demon Dodge.


  • Dashing Shot — Fixed a bug where the Spread/Power Shots skill effect was applied twice.
  • Dragon Piercer — Fixed a bug where you could shoot past the attack’s angle limitations. Now shoots straight ahead of the player, regardless of the camera angle, when shot with the camera angle past the attack’s angle limitations.

Now that we know many changes have been successfully realized, we would love to give you some tips regarding Deviljho. Knowing the weapons speed and effectiveness, make sure you grab a quick weapon rather than slow because the boss appears to be very quick. Also, make sure you have a good armor on you, since Deviljho is a dragon. He sprays a Dragon substance from his mouth, so it’s better if you grab the Dragon Element resistance high.

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