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New video shows 7 minutes of Artifact’s Gameplay, Valve’s Dota Card Game

Artifact is an upcoming card game developed by Valve. It is quite similar to Hearthstone, but it will use heroes from Dota. Knowing what Dota is, and presuming a lot of you have already played Dota 2, the game will include some very basic elements or game phases just as Dota 2.

Gamespot had the chance to visit Valve’s HQ and get a taste of the Gameplay Artifact offers. It is very basic and is played in three lanes, just as Dota 2 is. What we have seen from it is that all three lanes have the corresponding heroes or in other words the appropriate Safelane, Offlane and Midlane heroes such as in the real-strategy game Dota 2.

Cards contain some already existing Hero abilities, such as Zeus’ Thunder God’s Wrath and other slightly modified cards. In all three lanes, there are towers, for which after clearing the way to them, they need to be destroyed. It also has a Shopping phase, for which also reminds us to the core Dota 2 gameplay, and upgrading items by shopping them will probably be the most vital part of a victory.

It definitely feels like we have another successful card game coming out soon, knowing that Dota 2 is free to play and quite an exciting game. Knowing Valve’s success over the past and their e-sports involvement, the game will potentially join the e-sport scene, somewhat similar to what Hearthstone did.



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