Pokemon Go is Currently #1 Top Grossing Game on Android

Trainers, Pokemon Go is currently listed as #1 top grossing game on Android, meaning the game made the most money from its community/players.

The free to play mobile game, both available on Android and iOS system, Pokemon Go, was launched back in 2016, and until today the game has been downloaded more than 100 million (Google Play market only).

pokemon go top grossing game android

The first months since the launch, Pokemon Go made it on the top charts, but after some time it started losing players, so Niantic had to do something to bring them back. They’ve introduced the Legendary Pokemon, Raid Battles, Gen 2, Gen 3, EX Raids, and now, what’s new – starting from March 30 the players will have a chance to catch the Mythical Pokemon Mew when finishing a specific research, so overall they’ve done their best to bring their players back. In addition, quests release will do it much better.

Just last year, Pokemon Go and Niantic made $890 million in revenue, and the game was on the ninth place out of ten on the top mobile games by revenue in 2017.

This year, starting from January until today, Pokemon Go had 5 special boxes sales, which contributes to #1 top grossing game:

This is great both for Niantic and Pokemon Go, but there is a small problem, the Hawaii consumer protection bill 2686.

This bill is made to protect the younger games by making it illegal for retailers to sell a game to the ones under 21 if the title contains a purchasable item, in our case:

  • Raid Passes
  • Incubators
  • Star Piece
  • Lucky Eggs
  • Raid Passes

or in one word “Special Boxes.”

A long time will pass before this law could go in place, but if it does it will impact the Pokemon Go community. A small percentage of PoGo’s player base lives in Hawaii, but it is proven that states copy laws of other states to protect themselves.

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