Pokemon Go New Update 0.95.3 for Android and 1.65.3 for iOS to bring new Pokemon, New Moves, Quests, PokeStop Submission and More

A new update v0.95.3 for Android and v1.65.3 for iOS will be rolling out soon, and this time the APK teardown shows new Pokemon, new moves, quests, PokeStop submission and some very interesting changes and additions.

First thing first, let’s see who’s the new Pokemon. The latest APK shows a new Pokemon – Spinda. This is a Normal Type Pokemon, with a unique spot pattern, meaning there are 8 different variants and the same are added.

Next new thing is the two new moves: One for Community Day #3 – Frenzy Plant (already announced) and a new, signature move of Castform – Weather Ball. Now, this signature move is affected by weather and each weather conditions is with the different move:

  • Clear/Fog: Weather Ball Ground
  • Sunny: Weather Ball Fire
  • Rain: Weather Ball Water
  • Snow: Weather Ball Ice

Quests are back, and this time there is not so much to known, except that there will be:

  • Catch a Pokemon Quest
  • First Catch of the Day
  • AR Plus Bonus
  • Curveball Catch

Next, but not least is Pokestop submissions. It looks like there will be a new tool (POI management system) to submit the points of interest that power PokeStops. I’m not 100% how this will work, but as soon as I have any info, you’ll be the first to know.

There are also other changes and new features coming with this update:

  • Account Linking
  • Daily km tracker
  • New eventquickmove and eventcinematicmove. There is no info about this yet.

Escaped Bonus:


This could get you a bonus if you make an excellent throw and the Pokemon breaks out from the PokeBall. This is a great feature, as many Pokemon Go players are throwing excellent or great and losing a PokeBalls and not getting anything in return – Good job Niantic!

This update will be rolling soon, so until then, stay with us and get the latest Pokemon Go news.

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