PUBG latest update stealth-added a Flare Gun that not many people know about

It appears that PUBG’s latest update has added many notable changes, but some of them went completely under the radar. Recently, in a Custom Game mode, an option for adding a flare gun as a spawn item has been noticed. This, however, was not stated as a change in the patch notes and has surprised the whole community.

PUBG latest update added a Flare Gun and not many people know about it.

It has a purpose

After coming to PUBG, the flare gun is most likely to be used to call an airdrop with more supplies than the usual one. While it may sound easy and simple job to do, the Flare Gun won’t be your best friend because the airdrop will be deployed in a radius of approximately 150m from where the shot occurred.

Killer7, which is both a streamer and has its own Youtube channel, has made an excellent introduction regarding the new Flare Gun. According to the opening, the Flare Gun will be quite a rare item to find in PUBG, and serves the best on maps such as Erangel and Miramar, because on smaller maps the whole mechanic would be just pointless.

If you remember firmly, in PUBG’s 2018 ROADMAP, Brendan Greene has discovered the first look of the new map, which is quite smaller than the first two. Despite the fact the Flare Gun was not mentioned all, we have had a chance to discover suspicious audio files and textures in the past, which were kind of pointing towards a Flare Gun. Now, it all makes sense, and the Flare Gun will build up to the game regarding new mechanics, and completely enhance the level of gameplay.

Below you can find the Flare Gun in action, presented by Killer7.

From previous references, Brendan has stated new types of game modes are just around the corner, so could this be a part of them? We do not know, and it still remains to be seen what else will change after this update for which unexpectedly hit the whole PUBG community.

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