Raytracing technology to join the PC Gaming Industry, Microsoft and Nvidia to bring it to life

We have been introduced to the Raytracing technology, which in general is the main reason today’s movies look fantastic. Its rendering technique allows tracing the path of light as pixels which makes it draw shadows much more precise, despite the shape and size of an object blocking the light’s way. It has a purpose of replacing rasterization and bringing realism and quality to the image.

However, the main reason why this type of rendering is not included on today’s consumer PCs it consumes a lot of resources. But, thanks to Microsoft, Nvidia, and other developing companies are more likely to bring this to the PC gaming world anytime soon. Nvidia has also claimed that they have already started working with Microsoft on it, and the wish is more likely to come true.

Nvidia has announced the RTX technology for their upcoming Volta graphics cards, including new ray tracing tools for their library. While it may sound like a tech with no importance at all, we can just say that this is quite a big deal and may contribute to better gaming regarding quality.

If you look at particular movies where Raytracing comes to live, you will just be amazed. For example, Avengers is one of them. Now you probably have an idea what are we talking about. Regarding Raytracing, Nvidia is anticipating newer video games to be using this kind of technology, and they’re here to make the technology real. As Tony Yamasi has claimed, the results are going to be stunning.

On the other side of the story, AMD is also contributing in the collaboration alongside some of the game engines which are looking forward to implementing this technology. Those are Unreal Engine, Frostbite, and Unity.

Remedy Entertainment integrated the Nvidia RTX technology into their Northlight engine. They have also published a video doing ray tracing experiments in Northlight, and you can find the video below:

We would love to see this technology in video games. It is undoubtedly going to improve the picture and bring quality to it. Delivering quality and accuracy of rendering is a vital part. However, we have to maintain the resources needed for this. Hopefully, we’ll get to taste ray tracing image in video games very soon.

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