Rumors are pinpointing GTA 6 to be set in Miami

While it may be a rumor, it may also turn out to be the truth as well. Rockstar Games are cautious with their time and window between their games, and it’s more likely not to delay GTA 6 any further. It is quite the time for a new game, and it appears that rumors have discovered the game will be set in Miami.

Well, rumors or not, if it’s an insider source, is more likely that to happen, but at the end of the day, there might be a crazy turnaround. The Know is a youtube channel posting Video Game news, for which has published this information, while also claimed that no one should get this serious but count it as a rumor.

As they have said, their source pinpointed Miami as the next GTA 6 destination, despite the fact that Rockstar Games has already put is in Miami before. Thinking that everything’s more advanced than the Vice City’s era, we will surely get an improved gameplay experience, despite the fact wherever the game is set.

Furthermore, players will be able to travel by water or air between North America and South America, stumbling our brains on whether all of this is going. Is there more likely to receive a lot bigger game than we have ever seen? Overall, wherever this game is set, we should experience fantastic gameplay considering¬†Rockstar’s Success with GTA.

Knowing that the gap¬†between Rockstar’s GTA game publishes is around 5-7 years, it is time to embrace the future upon us. We’re going to start to closely monitor any Rockstar move, and bring the news straight here.

Below you can watch the discovery of when and where GTA 6 is most likely to happen:

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