Take a look at SCUM’s New Metabolism feature

Scum is an upcoming survival game, and it is the first of many that have introduced realistic mechanics. Sadly, SCUM is still under development. Since it’s a hardcore survival game, you probably know that it includes an Open World, with its first Early Access phase coming in Q2 2018.

Gamepires and Croteam have done such a fantastic job in promotions so far, and everyone seems to be liking it so far. The game will include a twisted amount of severe features, in-game mechanics and more, and the newest one we’ve been introduced to is the metabolism feature.

It seems like after introducing so many features to the game, it’s unreal to finish sooner than later, for which we’re more than sure it will take some time until Gamepires have the full and stable release. But, we’ll speak more for that when the time comes. Now, let’s just focus on all the recent statements and videos regarding SCUM, which show the game’s background and thoughts regarding the realistic style of play.

If you’re interested in these kinds of games, we suggest you watch all the SCUM videos. Despite the fact they’re realistic, they’re also quite fun to watch and discover the countless of mechanics the game offers. Below you can watch the Metabolism video:

Angel Kicevski

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