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Take a look at this comparison of the old 2x vs the new 2x scope in PUBG

PUBG has changed the 2x time scope for which it undoubtedly improves the gameplay and usage of it. It was annoying to use the previous one, as it was offering almost no view distance zoom and also closed a significant amount of bright image around it.

More precisely, a thread has appeared on Reddit with the comparison of both the previous and new 2x scope. After just looking at the picture, we can surely conclude it is by far better know. Even though many people still do not love it because they can get the same benefit as of using the Shift Key to aim with a Red Dot scope, the 2x view is much more reliable now.

Throughout this whole journey, Bluehole has changed many things, and it has confirmed that PUBG will receive more polishing than ever before. This has been concluded in PUBG’s Roadmap 2018, for which we’ll discover the new content throughout future updates.

Below you can find the comparison image:

Credits: Reddit, CGA001

We believe that this may slightly increase the 2x scope usage since many players were ignoring it, as we said before.



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