The Division 2 is on its way, Ubisoft announced its first appearance to be at this year’s E3

It appears that after many predictions from our side, including some insider info, we have guessed it right! The Division 2 is coming! I cannot forget the passion and excitement when The Division came out in the first place, for which after a couple of disappointments, we have been pushed to disengage from it.

But, now it’s time for a fresh start. Frankly said, did you read our previous article regarding the job listings on Massive’s website? Well, we have mentioned that the most important listings are those for the Snowdrop engine, from which we kind of knew what’s going to happen. Now, after a couple of days, Ubisoft announced the upcoming The Division 2, supporting the inquiries of new Snowdrop programmers, for which it holds waters The Division 2 to be powered by an improved Snowdrop Engine.

It was about time!

Agents, throughout these… almost 2 years, we have been experiencing such a pain, some of us leading to exhaustion, others to madness, but this time there’s something we need to cheer about. As Ubisoft stated, the first appearance of The Division 2 will be at this year’s E3, for which we’re also partnered with and could receive some further insider info. We’re looking forward to that, and to the new success.

They have also posted on their official Twitter page:

By learning all the previous mistakes, Ubisoft and Massive have to improve their product and make it bug and glitch-free, and we hope things will stay healthy and reliable, instead of further building upon their failures.

In the meantime, the fun within The Division will continue, as Ubisoft has decided to add a Year 2 celebration content, thus continue with the support.

The Division a special experience for so many people. Following our Year 2 anniversary celebration, we’re going to keep supporting that experience with new title updates that will bring new Global Events, Xbox One X enhancements, and more.

Also, there will be a new type of achievements called Shields, so earning them will unlock special rewards in The Division 2 when it launches. Can you feel the adrenaline? We honestly cannot wait for new info and a sneak-peak of the upcoming masterpiece. Happy 2nd anniversary, and cheer for the upcoming, amazing and unexpected content in The Division 2.

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