Ubisoft and Massive on the move to expand The Division team

While it may not sound that frequent and vital, Ubisoft and Massive are looking for new people to join the team and potentially expand The Division team, develop a new sequel, or release an even more significant update than before.

However, all of the points above connect with no reasons, since the jobs posted at Massive stay there months ago. Massive was openly looking for a community developer, similar to Hamishbode’s and Yanik’s job, for which I am more than sure they hired one. But, there are new job listings for which potential applicants might find useful.

Now, after following multiple public sources and social networks, people would love to experience another sequel, The Division 2 or whatsoever. But, the problem is the core issues within the game itself. For those who do not know, back in the days, cheaters were breaking The Division with ease. Now, this may be connected to Ubisoft pushing Massive to conclude their work on The Division, for which it came up short regarding optimization, but let’s forget that.

Now, it all comes to whether is there going to be another sequel. Well, if you ask us, there is going to be one, for sure. If you remember, there was a survey by Massive regarding an upcoming sequel to the game, asking players whether or not they would like to receive a new expansion. Also, if they would love to see the story connected to the previous one, pinpointing the virus spreading across the entire US territory.

Despite the survey results, people do deserve a whole new The Division, with a continuing story. I think it will be the most appropriate move made by Massive. On the way of doing it, they must get sure to remove all the bad memories and core issues within the game, and also add some anti-cheat. Most of the games that offer PVP content, in this case, the Dark Zone, should provide some anti-cheat measure so honest players can enjoy their time spent in the game.

Now, back to the very beginning, Massive Entertainment appears to be listing new jobs with different employment types, for which we can also see Engine Programmer’s spot, which is an indicator of things might get fixed in the next sequel. Snowdrop is developed by Massive, and it’s good to improve it, which will further reduce the number of cheaters and bugs in the game. It’s by far the most critical factor in this game.

Overall, The Division and its whole community are ready to receive an update. The faster, the better, so Massive could finally enjoy a stable product with lots of retired players coming back enjoying the new title as a whole.

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