Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion shows the developers still care, Releases on May 8

Recent info has been published regarding Destiny 2’s roadmap. It confirms the developers haven’t given up on their product, and the Warmind expansion is here to tweak things up. As the developer noted, there are expected to be multiple changes, both anticipated by following the community’s feedback and inquiries.

Destiny 2’s DLC, Warmind, marks the Season 3 kickoff and will release on May 8th. Not only that it marks the new season, but also brings quite notable changes, all in favor of the players. The development roadmap has been updated, letting players preview all the changes that are about to come. From the beginning of season 3, all the way up to the start of season 4.

One of the critical changes is how the enemies are affected according to players’ power level. This will bring changes in the approach, especially if players try to encounter a new campaign at above players’ current Power Level as it will make the opponents quite harder. Concerning PvE, this tweak is expected to improve the gameplay experience by far, thus make players dedicate more in their future encounters.

As the developers noted:

The main goals from this tuning pass are to provide a more challenging experience for players when they take on higher-leveled activities. This should make Power progression and acquisition more meaningful, reinforce and reward the energy type matching gameplay, and provide opportunities for our master PvE-ers to demonstrate their prowess at the highest levels.

By adding a bit more challenging aspect of any encounter, Bungie aims to equal the amount of dedication and rewards, thus making the PvE content harder is the right way to go. Players will know the encounter is hard and above 50 Power Level by the enemy’s indicator and the immunity to every type of damage.

With that being said, the developers haven’t left their game to die entirely. Instead, they commit hard to bring multiple changes that will ensure and bring quality to the game. Hence, players will come back as well.

Being developed by Bungie, Destiny 2 is an open-world first-person action shooter available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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