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Fortnite update 3.5.2 adds LMGs without adding any apocalyptic changes

Thus, it is another reason why the Comet did not strike over Tilted Towers. But, players have something else to cheer for. Fortnite’s last 3.5.2 adds a new type of weapon, and that is an LMG. The Light Machine Gun should be quite useful for close quarter combats, especially in the new limited-time 50v50 game mode.

The 3.5.2 update orientates around Save the World as well and will receive some new encore missions. However, the main reason we’re all here is the Battle Royale. Therefore, Battle Royale will undergo some changes, and one of the most important ones is the “dick bullets” bug fix. Epic Games’ priority was to fix this bug as it was causing players to aim higher than usual to avoid hitting obstacles.

Back to the LMG, if we analyze it better, it should become a more vital choice than the current minigun. The LMGs will come in both rare and epic varieties and will have a lot higher impact on destroying forts with quick succession.

As a celebration of the new 50v50 limited time game mode, Epic Games has launched a short trailer.

This update shall also increase the experience gain by twice the amount starting from April 19 (today) to April 22. If you remember, because of the technical difficulties Epic Games had in the past, every player has been rewarded with a Battle Pass Stars.

This update hasn’t done anything in connection with the recent theory of a meteor hitting Tilted Towers. Therefore, we do not believe it will occur anytime soon. It is sad to break players’ hearts, but if it happens, it will most likely do so under the radar.



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