Fortnite Update 3.6 adds Clinger, a new type of grenade to spice the game up

Epic Games has announced the content coming with the 3.6 update. Apparently, not only brings quality-of-life improvements but also brings another toy to Fortnite’s arsenal. The new toy is a grenade, named Clinger, which you can stick on enemies encountered in both PVP and Save the World version of the game.

The new grenade is obtainable from normal loot, supply drops, Llamas and Treasure Chests. Unlike the previous updates, this update hasn’t received any video regarding the new Clinger grenade, so you’ll have to jump in the game and find out its mechanics.

Furthermore, the 3.6 update fixes some Shadowplay Highlights issues and brings other numerous bug fixes regarding Gameplay, UI, Audio, and Performance.

BR aside, Save the world also receives a Noble Launcher who can shock zombies with a power of according to the duration of the charging. The BR game mode is a lot more popular than the Save the World, and we truly believe that first shot accuracy recovery shall be found as fairer (thus harder to use) than before.

Fortnite has been receiving multiple updates, and since their login failure, it has been running quite smoothly without encountering any issues. Just as a reminder, Epic Games is working on a fix related to the replay system, for which should allow players to record and preview their most iconic moments in Fortnite.

Below you can find the gameplay changes, as Epic Games announced:


  • Short fences will no longer block you from building structures.
  • The Duo playlist can be set to “No Fill”.
  • First shot accuracy is now reset when you crouch, uncrouch, or switch weapons.
  • Players now spawn closer to their squadmates on the starting island.
  • Moved the groups of spawn points on the starting island to be closer to one another.
  • Supply Drop balloon health has been adjusted based on playlist:
    • Solo: 500
    • Duo: 750
    • Squad: 1250
  • Supply Drops now spawn twice as high and fall twice as fast.

Bug Fixes

  • Builder Pro
    • Fixed an issue where primary fire could be interrupted when releasing aim down sights.
    • Fixed an issue where sprinting could stop if you switched to build mode and attempted to quickly build a ramp.
    • Fixed an issue causing player’s weapons to automatically fire after placing a structure and switching to the weapon.
  • Fixed multiple issues with Supply Drops:
    • Balloon collision no longer remains after the crate is opened.
    • Supply Drops no longer get stuck on structures, trees, or in the air.
    • Fixed Port-a-Fort tires floating in the air when Port-a-Fort is thrown at a Supply Drop.
  • Players no longer take falling damage when landing on top of tires.
  • Fixed an issue that caused doors to recoil after quickly spamming the interact input when approaching the door.
  • Fixed an issue that switched the wrong building piece to edit mode when attempting to edit a different piece.
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