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God of War

God of War’s successful launch made Cory Barlog post an emotional Youtube Video

Corey Barlog, the director of God Of War, has decided to post a video up on Youtube because of nothing else but the victorious God of War launch. According to the video, we can conclude how happy and emotional he is because of the modern and robust continuation of the franchise.

At first, he did not mean to post the video and make out a big thing out of it. However, he felt the need of translating the emotional feelings towards the public and supporters of God of War. The video pretty much means a big thanks towards the community, while they haven’t missed the chance to thank him for developing such a great game as well.

Thanks to the multiple positive reviews on Metacritic and numerous other websites, Cory Barlog obviously is very proud of God of War achieving these heights.

He has stated that a lot of work has put a lot of work in creating this title. He also did not miss the chance to thank his colleagues at Santa Monica by saying:

I am just so lucky to work with the people that I work with.

Being proud of himself, he did not miss the opportunity to conclude and finish with:

I am glad I didn’t fuck it up.

Yes, Mr. Cory, you’re the winner. You have achieved completely new heights, and God of War has proven to be a great title to enjoy playing. The core gameplay flows liquidly through our veins not letting us breathe without paying attention to the game. Fun fact, it’s nothing strange that I cannot get my cousin of his PS4 today. Thanks for the fantastic game. It will be a rough weekend.



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