It will be better for Massive to avoid including a Battle Royale mode before The Division 2, Regardless of Rumors

Some media love to write about a rumored content. We know that recently, there have been rumors swirling around The Division community that a BR mode is most likely to occur. Well, it is indeed, but it would be the worse and less populated game mode ever, especially at this time after the announcement of The Division 2.

Now, let’s jump straight to the facts. Over the past period, we have most likely witnessed every Massive’s update regarding The Division. The Survival game mode came, then the Last Stand, etc. The Survival Mode’s popularity has fallen at a faster pace than everyone ever thought it would. The Underground and Last stand are both becoming boring, including the countless of cheaters in the Dark Zone.

People are still flying around and shooting through objects, using aimbots and they’re not hiding it. All you need to do is make them mad by talking them “crap” or down them a couple of times, and they’ll most likely reveal the hidden code is running in the background. If you already own The Division, you pretty much know that every Dark Zone instance contains some of them, cheaters.

That being said, the primary thing Massive needs to address is getting rid of them, or in other words, adding some anti-cheat before a Battle Royale game mode occurs. The developers, however, are remaining quiet on rumors and speculations, so there’s no necessary proof of a new BR mode.

However, Gamereactor has published an article, explaining┬áthat Massive has everything it needs to start compiling the new Battle Royale mode. Well, no, they don’t. This may occur in The Division 2, and it is both vital for the community and developers to leave The Division just how it is. If BR happens this early, it will be like purposely falling into oblivion.

That being said, Massive should take care of the “annoying” things the game offers, even though we adore the PVE content they have released so far. The only thing that’s left to do in The Division 2, is just getting rid of all the aimbots and hackers. Battleye or EasyAnticheat sounds more than okay.

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