New Legendary Pokemon on the Way, Eon Duo Icons Added to Pokemon Go

We will be parting ways with Lugia on April 2, 2018. It will most likely be replaced with a new Legendary Pokemon. There are not many predictions on which Legendary Pokemon will replace this dual type Pokemon, but we expect to see one of the following: The Eon Duo – Latios and Latias, The Legendary Titans – Registeel, Regice, and Regirock or the mythical Pokemon, Deoxys.

Dataminers found a new Legendary on the way, and it looks like Latios and Latias are the next to join us. According to Chrales and his findings, Latios and Latias 8-bit icons are added to the game.

latios latias added

Let’s assume that the Eon Duo is coming next. If they are next to join us, they will probably come together. We know Niantic has a habit to split these types of Pokemon by hemisphere, it is quite reasonable these twin Pokemon to be separated. The raids against them will not be that difficult, but they have a Psychic sub-typing instead of Flying. Unlike Rayquaza, Ice-types will not be effective against the Lati-twins. These Pokemon aren’t weak to Ice-types, but they are weak to Dark, Bug and Ghost-types. The best counters to them include Rayquaza, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence and Shadow Ball Mewtwo.

If you get the Lati-twins with the Dragon Claw set, the best counters are Gardevoir and Granbull. If the weather is cloudy, these two counters become extremely powerful against the Lati-twins.

Nobody knows which Legendary is next for the tier 5 raids. There are Gen 3 Pokemon that are yet to be seen in Pokemon Go and only time will tell for this one, well, that’s tomorrow!

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