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Niantic Support Confirmed, It’s not a Temporary Lock – It’s a Permanent Termination

Just last week, a lot of Pokemon Go accounts have been locked, and we thought that Niantic is going to unlock them in a month or so, but it looks like they have something else on their mind.

Previously, we have reported on massive ban wave of cheaters/spoofers using a third app party, apps that are breaking Niantic’s Trainer Guidelines and Terms of Service. At that time, Raymond from Niantic support sent out the following email:

Hi, Trainer,

In Pokemon Go, we take fairness seriously and want to provide an accessible, fun and equal game experience to all Trainers. We recently pushed some updates that have placed a lock on certain accounts that have been found to not be playing within our Trainer Guidelines and Terms of Service.

This raised a lot of questions and those whose accounts have been locked thought that Niantic is going to block them temporarily (+-30 days) and everything would go back to normal. But it turns out that Niantic is not playing when it comes down to breaking the rules. In addition, a new ban wave was sent out yesterday.

Aaron, from Niantic Support, confirmed that this is not a temporary lock, it’s a permanent termination:

Hello Trainer,

Please refer to our prior communications stating that our decision to terminate your account permanently is final. We cannot provide any additional support regarding your account.”

At this moment I don’t have any info on what apps (e.g. IV checker) are allowed to be used, but as soon as I have any info, you’ll be the first to find out. Until then, be careful what apps you’re using, you might get the banhammer!



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