Pokemon Go Future Plans Revealed During a Flight, New Features are in the Making

Have you ever traveled and met a celebrity, someone that you have just heard of and maybe saw him on TV or online while checking out what’s new? Me, personally, no, but this guy, PokemonDoctorYT was lucky enough to meet Niantic’s CEO, John Hanke, the guy who designed Ingress, Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (still in development), twice in a row. Lucky dude, right?

PokemonDoctorYT has shared his story on Twitter when he first met John Hanke:

So, this is their “first date,” emotions are everywhere, hearts are beating fast (well Hanke’s heart not as much as our lucky guy), when all of a sudden both of them realized they are running late for a meeting (that’s my guess). At this moment they just shake hands and the rest is a history. Wait, this sounds like a love story, right? Hold on, there is much more to come.

Meeting the guy once was a great opportunity to take a selfie and immediately share it on social media, but then you realize that you wanted to ask him something really bad, and you just missed the chance.

The meeting is now over, so you go to catch the next flight, with a thought on your mind, Oh I’ve missed my chance with John Hanke! Then you go on board and guess who is sitting next to you? John Hanke!

But this time the Doctor is going strong and Hanke can’t escape! There are so many questions, don’t know what to ask him first, and at the end, you come down to the final results and share it with one of your buddies, Reversal, who then posted it on Twitter:

  • There’s something being done about Maps to make it more raid friendly
  • Gen 4 / PvP are being worked on
  • Level Cap will be increased

Those were just keypoints of their conversation and after a while, we found out what’s being  100% confirmed:

  • The game will be balanced
  • New items will be introduced
  • PokeStop submission is on its way
  • They will be stricter when it comes down to spoofing
  • Go Fest part 2 incoming

With this being said, it looks like John Hanke and his team at Niantic will go through some hard time this year to make everything possible.

So, what would you like to see first? If you ask me, I will go for PvP and the Level Cap part.

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