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Pokemon Go New Boxes Sale, Go for the Ultra Box

New box deals went live, and this time Pokemon Go players can choose between three special boxes, Special, Great and Ultra, and this time the Raid Pass deals are HOT!

Each of the boxes is with a different price (PokeCoins) and different contents, so I made a breakdown:

Special Box Contents:

  • 6 Premium Raid Passes
  • 4 Lure Modules
  • 10 Pinap Berry
  • Price: 480 PokeCoins

Great Box Contents:

  • 6 Incense
  • 6 Lucky Eggs
  • 12 Premium Raid Passes
  • 16 Pinap Berry
  • Price: 780 PokeCoins

Ultra Box Contents:

  • 12 Lucky Egss
  • 24 Premium Raid Passes
  • 14 Star Piece
  • 10 Lure Modules
  • Price: 1480 PokeCoins

special great ultra box sale

Now, knowing the contents of the boxes and the prices for Raid Passes, here is another breakdown that might help you to decide which box to get:

  • Special box: 80 coins / pass (6 premium raid passes for 480 coins)
  • Great box: 65 coins / pass (12 passes for 780 coins)
  • Ultra box: 61.67 coins / pass (24 passes for 1480 coins) + you get 14 “free” Star Piece.

Those who prefer Raid Passes, the Ultra Box is what you want to get. The ones that prefer Incense over Lures, then go for the Great Box, The Special Box is also a great deal, but try to avoid it.



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