Pokemon Go: The Best way to Solo High Tier Raids and Earn More Rewards

A lot of Pokemon Go players don’t want to rely on others, don’t want to wait for a Raid group or just simply to coordinate with others. They want to keep on going and defeat and catch as many high Tier Raid Bosses as possible.

When we are talking about Raids, it looks like Raids have completely taken over the endgame content and gyms became rooms for baby Pokemon or for solo players.

The other side of the players – want to meet up, they’re having a blast when 20 Trainers are going on one T4/5 Raid Boss, and they don’t have any issues when it comes down to relying on others, waiting on other Trainers or when a player steps up and takes the lead. This is a great option, I would say I like the second option better than the first one, but what if there is no one at that specific Raid, or they live in a rural area?

Some of you might know the answer already, but most don’t. Here is the best way to beat a high Tier Raid Boss solo.

  • Swap the clock. You don’t count down. You count up starting at zero.
  • Being faster = more rewards
  • A skilled player can battle for best winning time.
  • A rural player can solo any raid it just cost time and potion which you can get by playing.
  • By being faster you take everybody with you because every dmg counts for better rewards.
  • Arena could give a dmg boost for being even more faster but can be also done by more people which means Arena control helps but isn’t so important.

A huge shout out to Rrrrrabbit for reminding us how important this is and it’s not breaking the rules.

For last, don’t forget that having high-scores is always better than playing vs the clock as every 0.001% matter.

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