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PUBG’s new Map with codename “Savage” testing has already begun

The announcement made by Bluehole before a couple of days will finally be available to experience. The new map, Savage, which is quite smaller than the previous two Erangel and Miramar, or in other words the new Jungle Map, is expected to bring a lot more exciting gameplay, making it more dynamic and explosive in general.

The new map is available to test in a couple of hours, today, and players can only participate the test by having an invitation code. A lot of twitch successful PUBG twitch streamers have already gifted away lots of codes.

The new 4×4 map will have jungle foliage, for which every PUBG player looks forward to testing it. These changes will most likely not be available on the Xbox platform, so those who love playing on Xbox will be pushed to either watch similar events on Twitch or play on their PC.

It is still not late, so everyone could grab a key, which can be activated through steam and will allow you to download a Closed Experimental Edition of PUBG, where players can experience the new map thoroughly. The reason behind this is to separate the maps so players can only queue for the new map before anything else.

Make sure you visit the link asap and get your key.



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