PUBG’s Savage map Experimental Testing continues, 3 new map areas added

PUBG corp has posted news regarding the upcoming Savage map in PUBG. Sadly, the map won’t be coming out in the next few months since a further development is needed. However, a new testing window will be opened so more players may endeavor the beauties the map offers.

As PUBG Corp stated:

The map won’t be ready for a full release for a few more months. But in the meantime, we’ll keep using these super short testing windows to drive development—we believe that working with players in an “open development” process is the best way to make a map that players love. So please keep the feedback coming!

The new window will open up later today, on the Closed Experimental Server, which means only those who have obtained a key will be able to join. If you haven’t been able to try the first closed experimental testing, this may be your time. The number of available keys is limited as before. Make sure you visit the official 4×4 map beta key redemption page and then authorize and activate through Steam.

Below you can find the schedule and availability of the closed experimental server:

  • OPENS: Mon, April 16, 6pm PDT / Tues, April 17, 3am CEST / April 17, 10am KST
  • CLOSES: Wed, April 18, 6pm PDT / Tues, April 19, 3am CEST / April 19, 10am KST

This time, further tweaks and changes have been performed by PUBG Corp. While many players believed the Red Zone would be removed on this map, the devs have decided to keep it in the game but reduce both the size and the duration of it. Furthermore, they have tweaked the Bluezone so that it calculates based on the number of players left alive.

The new Savage map has also received three new map areas, bug fixes, and further core improvement. As the developer claimed, the Sound, UI, Wheather, and Effects have been improved quite much so that players may find joy while playing on the experimental server.

Below you can see the new map areas:

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