Radical Heights with its first Technical Update, Core Issues Fixed, Lots of Promises

After Boss Key Productions introduced their new BR game Radical Heights to the whole world, lots of players have endured the passion of the 80’s themed BR genre. However, Boss Key Productions and the first-timers (players) have experienced lots of difficulties during its extreme early access by discovering many issues that have already been patched.

One of them, apparently, the full-screen green flickering pushing players to bypass it by playing in Borderless Window hasn’t been patched yet, nor any info has been shared regarding that. Multiple issues were discovered, and as Boss Key Productions stated in their technical update dev blog, since the release of Radical Heights they have been working on improving every single encountered issue.

Thanks to the players’ feedback and analyzes done by the developer team, they have found and fixed many issues, with many more of them coming. Overall, it has been somewhat a great experience. Every player have had its fun in the early days, and the game has achieved quite a reasonable support from all around the world.

In their latest dev blog, they have discovered the reason behind matchmaking servers’ downtime, being stuck at loading screen, and various of other issues. Despite the fact that Radical Heights needs a lot more polish, the game’s core Client-Server side issues are now extinguished from the game, except the green flickering which everyone finds it to be quite annoying.

We have to admit that Radical Heights possess some unique mechanics that no other game has. For its BR Genre, it offers a long-term game experience thanks to the ATM-Bank mechanic. Allowing players to stack up to their earnings as they go through each Battle Royale game will surely add up to its gameplay experience.

Concluded with April 14th, Radical Heights haven’t been experiencing any Matchmaking issues. Boss Key Productions have claimed the same:

As of Saturday. April 14th, 05:00pm EST, we haven’t received any new reports of players stuck on the loading screen.


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