Special Research Quest Featuring new Pokemon, Who’s Coming Next?

Two years have passed by, and Niantic has decided to add the mythical Pokemon Mew to the game as a part of the new Special Research quest. This Special Research quest consists of eight steps that challenge the players to complete specific tasks in Pokemon GO, with the final reward catching Mew.

This is clearly about how Niantic will deal with the mythical Pokemon in the game. Legendary Pokemon are caught by firstly defeating them in a battle and then catching it, whereas mythical creatures are caught at the end of a Special Research quest.

Down below, we are listing the possibilities of which Pokemon could be featured in the next Special Research quest.

  1. Our choice from Gen 2 is Celebi. Dataminers have already found data for Celebi in Pokemon GO (back on November 2, 2017), and if Niantic decides to put this Pokemon on the next quest, it would be quite reasonable since it is the second mythical Pokemon in the franchise. Celebi is a psychic/grass-type Pokemon that was known as the rarest Pokemon in the series.
  2. When Gen 3 was added to the game, dataminers successfully found traces of data for the steel/psychic-type Jirachi and Deoxys (stats and moves added), a Psychic Type Pokemon.
  3. Another possibility is a region-exclusive Pokemon. Niantic made some Pokemon region-exclusive, and it is quite hard to catch those Pokemon unless a switch-up occurs or if a player travels to a new place where these specific Pokemon can be found. With this option, the Special Research quests could provide an opportunity for the players of Pokemon GO to complete their missing spots in their Pokedex, meaning no one has to use a third-party app and get the banhammer.

We do not know if Niantic is planning to include more than just mythical Pokemon in the quests. It is a nice idea though because the game will become more interesting.

Hopefully, we will know more details soon. Until then, stay with us and get the latest Pokemon Go news.

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