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The Division 1.8.1 update is out, adds new Global Events and Legendary Missions

The long-awaited 1.8.1 update Massive was cooking over the past is now finally available on the live servers. Ubisoft has planned to make a big entrance and continue the Global Events, giving the players a chance to obtain more classified gear naturally.

As the patch notes discover, the two new Global Events are Blackout and Onslaught, setting up new affixes and adding up more content to enjoy playing. One of the most important determinants for a successful update is the new Legendary Missions that are now available to play. Amherst’s Apartment and Grand Central Station have both received the legendary difficulty.

What correlates well with the new Global Events is the new Vendor option, and that is a Classified Gear cache which is going to guarantee at least one classified gear piece from the entire pool.

1.8.1 will undoubtedly improve the gameplay in general, and will also make easier for players to get Div Techs. By either Crafting, playing Daily Combat, Survival, or doing Dark Zone Quests, they will receive 25 Div Techs each. It is a very essential and core update because it will allow the players to boost their favorite classified gear.

Players will also get the chance to grab more Div Techs from the Weekly Open World and Underground Assignments, with a chance of getting 100 Div Techs each. Season Pass supply drops will also award 100 Division Tech. It feels like the game has become more reliable on grinding, allowing players to anticipate every single change the way they want.

The changes Massive has brought are quite welcoming, and most of them comply with players’ needs, which has somewhat already approved the patch is more than good. Despite the announcement of The Division 2, the 1.8.1 update will surely keep players put until there’s something new about The Division 2. Since update 1.4, the game’s update sequence has been curving upwards. By including a massive amount of exciting content, Massive has undoubtedly done a great job to keep players put and keep them grinding as never before.

Last but not least, the Shields Achievements and their promise of releasing in 1.8.1 are not mentioned in the patch, but there are some new commendations available, assuming they are already in the game. By achieving them players are supposed to get unknown rewards when The Division 2 launches.

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