Total Number of Obtainable Pokemon in Pokemon Go Currently, Including Regionals, Legendary and Mythical

Niantic is always updating Pokemon GO with new Pokemon.

Even though some players manage to catch all of the available Pokemon in several days, the addition of more recent Pokemon generations and Legendary Pokemon makes the game quite exciting to play.

We remember it like it was yesterday when we had Gen 1 Pokemon only. We couldn’t even imagine that a year after, we will have Raids and Legendary Pokemon. Today we have a whole new Generation of Pokemon, and to catch them is a quite hard task.

At the moment, there are 386 total slots in the game data. The following has been shared on TSR by a Pokemon Go player who goes by the name TeamDogfight. So don’t forget to give him an upvote!

  • -6 remaining Legendary Pokémon = 380
  • -9 for miscellaneous unreleased Pokémon (Smeargle, Nincada family, Clamperl family, Kecleon, and Spinda.) = 371
  • -10 for Legendary Pokémon out of the rotation (all except Moltres, Latios, Latias, Mewtwo, and Mew) = 361
  • -1 for Delibird being out of rotation = 360
  • -17 for regional exclusive Pokémon = 343

And if you also want to limit yourself to the only Pokémon that can be caught in the wild, that takes away:

  • -10 Johto Pokémon that have special conditions for evolution = 333
  • -10 baby Pokémon that can only be hatched from eggs = 323
  • -20ish Hoenn Pokémon that can only be obtained via evolution = 312-314 (I don’t remember all of them, so I might be slightly off)
  • -5 for Mawile, Absol, Latios, Latias, and Mewtwo, all Raid-Exclusive = 307-309
  • -2 for Moltres and Mew, Quest-Exclusive = 305-307

With all this being said, 371 is the Max you can have, including all regional exclusive Pokemon.

For last, TeamDogfight will be updating the list and he will be adding a subsection on other Pokemon that can be only obtained via evolution or Eggs, so until any news from him, stay with us and get the latest Pokemon Go news.

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