Transferring your Legendary Pokemon can Wait, Use them During the Kanto Event and Save on Potions and Revives

The one week Kanto event is now live, bringing back Gen 1 and some extra “rewards.”

During the one week period, from April 10 until April 17, Pokemon Go players will have a chance to earn a gold Kanto medal and complete the Gen 1 Pokedex. As I’ve already mentioned, there are other new stuff to look forward to:

  • Kanto Starters appear more frequently
  • Snorlax and Aerodactyl return as raid Bosses
  • Double Candy for Catching and Transfering Pokemon
  • Bundles with Raid Passes are on sale (in-game shop). Find out more about the Special Boxes, and what Box to get here.

Now, during the event, a lot of players are aiming to “empty” the bag space. Also, a lot of players will mass transfer all the Legendary Pokemon after they use the x2 Candy reward, but this can be used in a better way.

Before mass transferring all the Legendary Pokemon, try to use them. Use the not so good Legendary Pokemon for Gyms or Raids and when they die, transfer them – in this way you’ll end up saving Potions and Revives.

Have in mind that the event is live until April 17, so need to rush and transfer all of your “trashy” Legendaries today – wait, use them and then transfer them. Unless you end up without bag space and there is no other way.

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