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A guy recreated the island from Lost TV series in Far Cry 5

The creation of this island will cover two types of fans, one the craze population of gamers and other, the fans of the Lost TV series. A Youtuber, Un-Break-Able, dedicated his time to creating this beautiful island from the LOST TV series in Far Cry 5.

The creator himself has claimed that he’s been working on this project for a whole month, and he’s been reviewing lots of “Lost” episodes during the process. Not only that it helped him cover every single individual area of the map, but he also felt the nostalgic experience itching him to watch the whole series all over again.

The island covers every tiny detail as in the movie, and every single layer seems appropriate to its surroundings. We have already noticed amazing creations in Far Cry 5’s Arcade Mode, such as multiple maps of CS: GO. By playing this new map, fans who have watched the Lost TV series would feel the nostalgic¬†experience the island offers. It is also expected to bring both fans of LOST and Far Cry 5 at one place.

After its launch, Far Cry 5 has broken and acclaimed its name among multiple records. Since the start, it noticed only success and nothing else. Thanks to its Arcade Mode, players were also able to unleash their creative side and build interesting playable content. Sadly, this map is currently available on the PS4 version of the game, leaving other platform’s fans unable to discover the beauty of the new island.



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