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Battlerite’s Patch 1.6 improves performance, preparations for Battle Royale

Battlerite continues to improve on a constant level, as the latest 1.6 patch brings Season 2 and confirms upcoming and beautiful things. If you have forgotten, Battle Royale mod is still in the works, and 1.6’s patch notes confirmed the same, as the developers decided to get rid of Battlegrounds private matches because of that very reason.

Regarding performance boost, players can now turn off physics which allow them to get improved CPU performance. However, it has its own downside since they will get less info about enemies in the fog of war.

The update also fixes UI related bugs and audio issues, and many Champions’ balances. Some of them also received improved visuals for improved performance as well. No matter the fact, the most amazing story when it comes to Batlerite is the new Battle Royale mod which is still in the works.

For a top-down team arena brawler where players are trying to outsmart the enemies by using various abilities, a BR mode sounds a bit strange. Therefore, it’s a massive challenge for Stunlock Studios, and we look forward to receiving an improved and unique PvP combat in Battlerite.

Below you can find Battlerite patch 1.6 notes:

General Updates

  • Physics can now be turned off to increase CPU performance, although it will give players less info about enemies in fog of war
  • Due to changes to underlying systems in preparation for Battlerite Royale, Battlegrounds is no longer available for hosting through Private Matches


  • Fixed a bug that caused Friend List to change friend’s usernames
  • With Season 2 live, you can now preview Leaderboard history (per Season)
  • Leaderboard now only uses rank data (most played champion)
  • Improvements to make sure the Leaderboard shows the correct data


  • Addressed an issue where the audio engine would cause degradation of high frequency content in audio assets
  • Most voice lines are now synced across clients
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