Beyond Good and Evil 2 new gameplay trailer showcases Staff Combat and Ship Maneuvers

Beyond Good and Evil 2 new gameplay trailer has lots of surprises to share. Namely, the two components showcased in the video are somewhat the needed material that everyone loved to see. Combat mechanics and Ship Maneuvers as one of them, inevitably build up the momentum to heights full of surprises, as the fans strive to experience even more, just by watching an ordinary gameplay trailer.

Beyond Good and Evil is one of the most beloved Ubisoft’s video games. Since 2003, all we’ve been asking is for another series of the same genre. However, this time, the action-adventure game will include more than ever desired. As Ubisoft stated, the ship itself has quite a gameplay importance together with the character, but overall it still does sound vague.

Players will have fun using a Jetpack to indulge the needed requirements or to board and leave enemy motherships a lot easier. However, one statement remains unclear. According to Michel Ancel’s report, does it mean that Pirates will be gone for good in Beyond Good and Evil 2? Michel Ancel, Senior Creative Director at Ubisoft, has stated in the video that pirates were very mysterious in BGE. However, he continued and discovered it would be nice to find out “What happened to the pirates”?

Beyond Good and Evil 2 will also hold the acrobatic perspective inbound, as it will allow players to perform amazing attacking moves. Also, the trailer includes a motion capture part, giving us a hint and pokes on the creation of the new combat animations.

Overall, Ubisoft has been working on lots of prototypes and mechanics, and they’re looking up to speed up things and polish the game thoroughly before the release occurs. While the release date is still unknown, all we can do is sit back, relax and wait for this year’s E3 in June.

Below you can watch the latest Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer:

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