Borderlands 3 may miss E3 2018, no official confirmation yet

Borderlands 3 may miss E3 2018, no official confirmation yet. Despite numerous websites stating that Borderlands 3 may miss this year’s E3 presentation, it is still unknown. After all, we have witnessed crazy twists nowadays to jump down to a conclusion straight away.

We cannot forget Walmart’s leak regarding Borderlands 3 and its participation at this year’s E3. Gearbox, on the other side, has seemingly pronounced retreat on Borderlands 3, claiming that it will miss this year’s E3.

The whole story turns out to be quite tedious as Randy Pitchford already stated that Gearbox is working on a massive project. Knowing that Borderlands is being developed for quite a long time, the whole situation may turn out to be the opposite.

Shacknews however, confirmed that no Borderlands 3 will be at this year’s E3 as of Gearbox’s statement. Therefore, we have to wait until the official start of E3 and find out whether the truth was spoken or not.

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