Current Bugs in Pokemon Go That Need Fixing ASAP, Niantic is Heavy-Eyed

Redditor p337_info has taken the time to compile a list of every bug in the new version of Niantic’s best mobile game Pokemon Go. Based on its length, it must have taken him a very long time.

We know that Pokemon Go it’s buggy, but hey, at least it’s free to play, right?

The list can be found here or at the end of this article. The ‘PoGo bug’ list is with over 1,800 words, yet still a good number of its 80 comments (for now) come from users who want p337_info to add a new bug to the list (as you can see from his profile, he’s done a great job in curating it).

There are a lot of serious bugs that need fixing ASAP, but let’s take a look at some just for fun:

  • Each time a Pokemon breaks out of a Poke-ball, they move increasingly to one side;
  • Evolving your buddy can cause weird glitches and crashes with the game most commonly with Feebas;
  • Ditto shows up in when using the “Evolve” filter in some circumstances;
  • The game still processes audio when the game music and sounds are set to OFF;
  • Ball launches into space after toggling AR+;
  • Dodging a fatal attack in raids and gyms glitches your attacking Pokemon as invisible (Dodge Bug Glitch);
  • Increased reports of raid timers ending 3-10 seconds too early when raiding.

I could go on, but let’s stop here.

Pokemon Go’s latest update 0.103.3 introduced a new feature and players can now transform Rare Candy to a specific Pokemon’s Candy in bulk, also some bug fixes and performance updates, and that was all. It definitely looks like Niantic hadn’t tried to fix something that is broken. As you can see from the ‘PoGo bug’ list, the number of issues introduced by the update has been pretty appalling.

As we all know, Pokemon Go is very important to Niantic, consistently topping the most played charts on Android and iOS, so I really hope that this list will shrink as they get to work fixing one of their biggest cash cows.

List of bugs in Pokemon Go

  • Each time a Pokemon breaks out of a Poke-ball, they move increasingly to one side
  • When watching a pokeball catch sequence, the flashing red light is not aligned with the ball shakes
  • Various size differences in Pokemon models since version 0.89.1
  • Interacting with weather effected Pokemon after the in-game weather changes is not possible
  • Increased scenarios where Pokemon spawns change instantly: migrations, weather, community day, etc
  • Evolving your buddy can cause weird glitches and crashes with the game most commonly with feebas
  • After pressing “Kanto” button in the Pokedex, you are no longer able to scroll down
  • Ditto shows up in when using the “Evolve” filter in some circumstances
  • Long trainer usernames do not disappear during a gym battle against their pokemon (?)
  • Buddy distance can be displayed as negative distance (restarting app fixes the issue)
  • Swiping through battle parties during raid / gym battles is difficult and inconsistent (Tapping works better)
  • The new Stacked Incubator feature sometimes does not stack incubators correctly
  • Tapping a Pokemon or Clicking a gym as you go out of range / encounter network collisions / low network scenarios freezes the UI requiring a restart
  • Transferring a member of your battle party makes it unable to be edited and will crash during use in battle
  • Pokemon can still be powered up over the trainer level cap, just not at level 37
  • Catching a pokemon while having a network issue can freeze the game with infinite spinning pokeball, or the pokeball sunk below the floor
  • It is currently not possible to login using a Google Account on an iPhone running iOS10 [103.3]
  • Low quality sounds introduced in version 103.2 [103.2]
  • Common occurrences of blank sightings and Pokemon disappearing during play
  • Significant login issue that causes the game focus on a closeup of the player’s avatar legs
  • Gyms that are moved in Ingress get their badge progress reset in PokemonGo (?)
  • Using the wrong password to login with PTC on the first attempt will display “Unable to authenticate” for ALL future logins regardless of using the correct password later (Restart required to fix)
  • High rate of data usage since the Gym rework update
  • Increased reports of GPS not found
  • Regression issues with map roads / walkways after extended playtime (?)
  • The “defenders” search term is not remembered after using the “Go To Gym” function (Possible feature request)
  • The game still processes audio when the game music and sounds are set to OFF
  • The game will often hang half way when trying to login, requiring it to be forced close and retryed
  • Locking the app, or changing focus will often take a long time for the game to catch up
  • The game regularly freezes & hard reboots the whole phone on Google Pixel & other Android phones
  • Increased reports of the first pairing attempt of the Go+ not processing at all
  • Go+ Stop and Pokemon Detection is slower on Android than on iOS 11
  • Ball launches into space after toggling AR+
  • The Go+ on its own sometimes gives the “Pokestop is not ready to spin” without having manually spun a stop
  • Apple Watch 2, distances walked varies from distances on eggs, and are not syncing correctly
  • Using inbuilt iOS Battery Saving mode on newer iPhones causes GPS not found (?)
  • Apple Watch Series 2- OS4 – Pokemon Go app crashes the watch during hatching egg animation or skips the animation and hatch all together
  • Apple Watch not correctly displaying the xp progress towards the next level
  • Pressing the Go+ button after vibrating on iOS can take up to 3 seconds to execute the action (iOS 11)
  • Apple watch egg hatching shows the incorrect move localisation
  • Continued reports of difficulty connecting the Go+, especially on Android
  • Various UI elements do not render properly on iPhoneX and Android high res devices
  • Go+ has an increasing number of reports where various Android phones are unable to connect
  • Traveling away from a pokestop can make it appear blue and “Ready to spin” when it is not
  • The Radius of the Pokestop interaction circle is visually smaller the closer you get to the equator
  • Using a PTC “child account” that reaches the sponsor content age (+13yo), remains unable to ever view sponsored pokestops or gyms
  • Pokestops can sometimes show photos of a previous cached photo disk image
  • When interacting / spinning a gym pokestop; the focus will often incorrectly move to the gym defenders platform when delivering items
  • Pokestops sometimes expand when they are not supposed to
  • Defeating a gym, dropping a pokemon in, and spinning the Gym Pokestop in succession will show the gym pokestop visually as owned by grey team
  • Having yesterdays field research from a particular pokestop will block you from gaining a new one today
  • The “First pokestop of the day” black bar notification does not show if you have an empty research slot
  • Attacks against dual type Pokemon round incorrectly and display “Not very effective” when damage should be neutral
  • Error 29 – Pressing the “Leave” button (or crashing) immediately after removing an enemy defender from a gym, locks you out of that gym for 10-15 minutes
  • Dodging a fatal attack in raids and gyms glitches your attacking Pokemon as invisible (Dodge Bug Glitch)
  • Pokemon seen on the defender platform can all clip and stand in the same spot
  • Various desyncronisation issues during battles (also in raids)
  • Defenders who have recently been kicked and placed back into a gym do not get their berry count reset (?)
  • Berry feeding UI can sometimes not disappear when it is supposed to
  • Leaving remote berry feeding requires you to tap your next Pokemon twice
  • Clicking “Go To Gym” multiple times in quick succession causes multiple visual glitches, and causes the gym to stay in range on the overworld map
  • After adding BXP to a gym badge, sometimes the badge icon will never go away (without a restart) [May 18]
  • Feeding a Pokemon berries / Interacting with the gym while simultaneously spinning the gym stop with Go+ will freeze your game
  • Clicking on Pokemon defending gyms (to feed berries) is sometimes inconsistent, and clicking on one Pokemon selects a different one
  • Exiting a gym has the chance to make the game completely unresponsive to touch
  • You cannot use the spin gym pokestop button when moving within range of a gym
  • Getting the “This Gym is under attack” message while adding pokemon (probably other errors) makes the screen no longer respond to touch
  • Leaving remote berry feeding has the potential to freeze the game or make it unresponsive to touch
  • (Desync) Damage from a raid boss charge move can be carried over from the pokemon it hit to also hit the next pokemon to come out, dealing damage twice
  • Dodging a fatal attack in raids and gyms glitches your attacking Pokemon as invisible (Dodge Bug Glitch)
  • Last raid ball catch animation only has 2 animations (“one shake + flee” or a successful capture)
  • Healing or reviving during a raid battle consumes the items without healing unused Pokémon (?)
  • The “go to raid” navigation indicator icon covers the raid timer in the overworld
  • Increased reports of raid timers ending 3-10 seconds too early when raiding
  • Raid eggs and Raid bosses ontop of Gyms in the overworld sometimes render inside the gym
  • After selecting the berry menu in a raid catch phase, you cannot leave until choosing a berry (untested?)
  • Feeding pokemon more than 100 berries in the gym makes the berry count not fit on the screen
  • Berry fed gym counter German does not fit on the screen
  • Berries fed counter is displayed off screen when gym defended time displays an extended time
  • Cosmetic items (belts, 3d glasses, etc) are grey when viewed on players in gyms
  • The icon to edit Pokemon’s name is missing from defenders who are currently holding gyms
  • The gym battle tornado still displays on-top of a player who remotely feeds a gym under attack
  • Some pokemon in the pokedex can cover up their gender icons
  • At the end of the evolving animation the camera / pokemon model can dip below the platform
  • Unfavouriting a pokemon and then swiping away then back can visually re-favourite that pokemon
  • When selecting the gym pokestop quickly and spinning, the view returns to the defenders of the gym to give out the items
  • Inspecting a gym defender can result in the trainer details clipping with the defending stats
  • The gym “Head to Head” battle screen shows tiny models of Pokemon (?)
  • Charge attack animations are overridden / not-displayed when used alongside multiple quick attacks
  • Pokeballs often sink into the ground (think this happens when the game doesn’t register a catch or flee)
  • Wind animation vectors have the correct angle, but inverse direction
  • Some Pokemon idle animations cause them to disappear from the buddy ui
  • Zapdos’s current in-game model uses the shiny model for everyone incorrectly
  • Arbok does not display in the over-world buddy circle (?)
  • New scaling of Pokemon sprites has not been added to Lure Pokemon
  • Some pokemon have clipping issues with the hatch screen
  • Swiping through gym badges can not show the correct details (Incorrect / missing Badge progress, incorrect names / defenders
  • Dragonite as a defender has an off center motivation heart in Gyms
  • Thai characters are displayed as question marks (on iOS11)
  • Italian: “Go to Gym” says “Vai alla” (Go To) instead of “Vai alla palestra” (Go To Gym)
  • Hebrew text is reversed since the game launched
  • Japanese search terms are missing from the game
  • Incorrect date localisation based on language – some languages show MM/DD/YY and should be DD/MM/YY
  • Text for “The Pokemon as Fled” does not fit on the page for German and Portuguese
  • Ex Raid passes do not include the trainers name in Italian and instead shows duplicate information
  • Battle Party is incorrect in Italian, currently: “Squadra lott” should be: “Squadra lotta”
  • Portuguese: the word “weather” is currently “clima” when it should be “tempo”
  • The German version of the EX-Pass it says “Hinweis: Für diesen Event…” but should say “Hinweis: Für dieses Event…”

It will take a lot of time and a lot of updates to fix these issues. If only Niantic could listen to PoGo community. But hey, it’s free to play, right?

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