Escape From Tarkov 0.8.3 is out, enables AI Scavs on Interchange

Today’s update 0.8.3 is the third Escape From Tarkov update after the main 0.8 was released. If you remember, Escape From Tarkov’s 0.8 added a new map, and variety of different content and tasks to deal with. The introduced map was Interchange, in which no AI Scavs were spawning. Thanks to today’s patch 0.8.3, AI Scavs do spawn on Interchange which gives a reason to include it as a part of your regular queue.

As the developer noted, this 0.8.3 update deals with minor bug fixes, including the known VAL folding bug. Among other things, BSG made improved armor-ammo balancing and Factory receives new loot containers, including new barter items.

Furthermore, this update also fixes the spawn chance of some items, trading schemes, and decreases the price of some ammo and meds containers. As for new in-game items, the game adds multiple weapon modifications and new barter items.

All of the previous significant updates have caused an account wipe. However, this update is considered as minor, and there will be no wipes at all. Players can continue grinding their perfect gear, but the most interesting fact is the new quests the game has received. The Quest system in Escape From Tarkov is fun and quite challenging to follow, and by finishing each quest, you gain increased trader reputation and gain different benefits.

Below you can find all the changes of 0.8.3 in details:


  • AI Scavs at Interchange
  • 5 Mechanic trader quests
  • 17 Ragman trader quests
  • New mods for M1A and other weapons
  • New barter items

New weapon mods:

  • Colt M4 front sight
  • Colt M4 Length handguard for AR-15-compatible systems
  • LMT Sopmod stock
  • Handle/rear sight for AR-15-compatible systems
  • Stock body for MC20-01 and compatibles
  • 50-round 7.62×51 mm X-14 magazine for M14
  • 30-round 7.62×51 mm magazine for M14
  • M14ALCS(MOD. 0) pistol grip for M14
  • M14ALCS(MOD. 0) stock for M14
  • M14ALCS(MOD. 0) stock body for M14
  • CASV 14 mount for M14
  • M14 DCSB mount for M14
  • UTG 4 point locking deluxe mount for M14
  • Arms 18 mount for M14
  • Mini Scout mount for M14
  • Ultimak M8 mount for M14
  • Archangel mount for M1A
  • Phantom 7.62×51 muzzle brake for M14
  • Vortex DC 7.62×51 muzzle brake for M14
  • Good iron 7.62×51 muzzle break for M14
  • JP Enterprises tactical compensator 7.62×51 for M14
  • National Match 7.62×51 muzzle brake for M1A
  • 558mm barrel for M1A and compatible 7.62×51
  • SA National Match .062 blade front sight for M1A and compatibles
  • Troy S.A.S.S. Chassis for M14


  • VAL folding stock bug
  • other minor fixes


  • New loot containers at Factory
  • ammo balancing (armor damage factor)
  • Increased AP on some body armor and helmets (combined with ammo changes body armor becomes more effective, depending on ammo)
  • decreased prices for ammo and meds containers (100000 cheaper)
  • Changed prices and spawn chances for some of the items
  • Changes in some trading schemes

Known issues:

  • if the player discards a container with medicine that was being used, the slot gets blocked, as well as ability to heal
  • Incorrect progress bar for splint
  • Rain drops disappear from character’s hands if character gets hit with a bullet
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