Female characters to become a thing in Battlefield 5, Designer Director involves in the story

In Battlefield 1 they came as a DLC, now they won’t. They’ll be there since the beginning of the game, just as it should be. At least, this whole story should bring more female gamers into Battlefield 5. However, enough talking, let’s see what this is all about.

Knowing Alan Kertz’s twitter handle, a similar nickname has appeared in one of Battlefield’s Threads on Reddit. Namely, Demize99 had given a report in form of a relief, that adding female characters will put him on the “right side of history”

After claiming that EA is sexists because of the inclusion of female characters in their reveal trailer, Demize99’s answers were pretty straightforward. As per his statements, it simply held no room for any further excuses regarding this question of enabling or disabling female characters in a WW2 themed video game.

One of his comments landed on a rough feedback and received a lot of downvotes, for which it doesn’t appear in the normal thread.

I knew this was going to be a fight when i pushed for female soldiers in Battlefield. I have a daughter, and I don’t want to ever have to answer her question of “why can’t I make a character that looks like me” with “because you’re a girl.”

I fundamentally feel to my core this is the right way and I will find myself on the right side of history.

And I think many people will play the game despite their reservations. And maybe learn something about either history or themselves. That is part of the making games art.

Fan’s criticism kept on going as they found to judge the historical inaccuracy in presenting them as a vital choice for the part of Battlefield 5’s story. However, the Design Director has pointed out that all previous Battlefield games held not exactly accurate historical info, nor coverage. Last but not least, he informed the public that Battlefield 5 will be more about longevity before anything else.

I think there’s some great authentic WW2 experience out there, from Day of Defeat Post Scriptum each offers its own flavor. Let’s not forget the first Battlefield WW2 game had a Jetpack DLC, and the Russians used an MP18/Japanese SMG… We want to create the most immersive experience we can create, and that pushes us towards physical and some authentic elements. We also want it to be engaging in the long term and person. That’s always a balancing act. I am sure we hit that mark, not for everyone, but we will hit the mark.

No matter how contagious this whole story is, we should give EA a breathing room to develop their game. WW2 themed shooter should allow and embrace the creation of female characters, without the matter if the game’s story covers the correct history or not.

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