Fortnite 4.2 introduces sky high battles thanks to the new Jetpack item

Fortnite has received a new content update v 4.2. This update, unlike others, brings an unusual item which is about to bring a lot more fun to the game. Jetpacks are now available in the game, as they are classified as gameplay items which are going to fulfill an inventory slot.

Fortnite Jetpack

The new Jetpack item is here to boost players sky high and introduce us to air battles. Besides that, it is quite beneficial since it will allow players to take the big jumps and lead them to a safe landing.

The Jetpack can only be found in Treasure Chests and is tagged with a Legendary Rarity. It is classified as a Backpack, which is a new in-game item type and will take an inventory slot, such as consumables and weapons do. Fueled by gas, all of the players will be bounded to a limited duration of use. After it becomes empty and unusable, it will begin to self-charge.

Epic Game’s 4.2 update brings a new limited time mode: Solid Gold v2 where all the weapon drops are legendary. It is nice to witness all the success Epic Games had in the past period with Fortnite, and we’re more than sure that this 4.2 update will do nothing else but improve everyone’s gameplay experience.

On the other side, the Save The World version of the game has received a new Outlander Hero, Archaeolo-Jess and is added to the Event Store.

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