Fortnite Patch 4.0: dataminers unveiled new cosmetics

Together with season 4 and the newly themed content, Epic Games has added new cosmetics to Fortnite. However, the new cosmetics are still not available, and they’re highlighted as upcoming. That being said, they will be coming to Fortnite over the next few weeks.

Epic Games is doing a great job within a continuous work (if needed), so we are not used to counting their errors at all. Data miners haven’t missed the chance to swirl around the game’s files and find something that will intrigue all the Fortnite collectors. New cosmetics are inbound.

A couple of new cosmetics and emotes have been spotted and presented on, with a note that they’re coming to the game very soon. You can find them below.

Liteshow (Uncommon) and Nitelite (Uncommon)

Chromium (Rare) and Diecast (Rare)

Abstract (Epic) and Trailblazer (Epic)

Royale Bomber (Epic) and Glow Stick (Rare)

Tenderizer (Rare) and Renegade Roller (Epic)

Persuader (Rare) and Glow Rider (Uncommon)

Steadfast (Uncommon) and Solid Strider (Uncommon)

Tag Bag (Epic) and True North (Epic)

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