GTA 5 Roguelite and Battle Royale Elements Mod, Complex Control is available to download

Despite the title’s point on offering a Battle Royale type of mode, Complex Control mod includes more features. Seemingly, Roguelite elements are also included, and despite the fact that GTA 5 misses a fully fledged BR mode, this may satisfy player’s hunger.

It is funny how every game’s community tend to receive a Battle Royale mode. The same applies here, despite the fact that is available to play only in single player mode.

The mod is a single player mod coded in C#, and the creator claims that there’s always something new to experience. On the question of how it works, it simply puts the game into a loop once it becomes active and it also includes a dependent save apart from GTA’s.

The Complex Control mod has received its trailer, and you can watch it below.

Some of the mod’s core features are:


  • MAJOR: Scripted all vehicle drivers to run you over violently and get out of car when stopped
  • MAJOR: (Alpha) Added a newer version checker when available (Still have to download manually on gta5 mods)
  • Easier: Enemies now deal less damage on Bronze only (Easy / EZ Mode)
  • Ranks now have a base extra CCP bonus (affects Win streak / Networth / Run score)
  • 1.Bonze: +0 CCP // 2.Silver: +1000 CCP // 3.Gold: +2000 CCP // 4.Diamond: +3500 CCP
  • Updated the RANK page in Database

If you’d love to try out new types of mods, this one may be fitting your needs just well. You can download the Complex Control mod from here.

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