GTA 5 sold over 95 Million Copies, heading to 100 million

Rockstar Games’ journey brought them another cheerful milestone. GTA 5 has managed to sell 95 Million copies. After multiple appearances on lists of best-selling games, Rockstar has undoubtedly done its job by retaining on that list for such an extended period.

The developers believed and bolstered GTA 5 Online, which admittedly has its impact on this number and achievement as a whole. The incredible part is that most of the fans never believed that Rockstar Games and GTA 5 would’ve gone this far since its launch back in 2013.

GTA 5 has had such an unbeaten run which is still present. It’s like a positive aura which spreads with each purchase. GTA 5’s modding has its impact on the sales as well since there are many mods which are found to be wholly immersive and intriguing to play.

Therefore, GTA 5 is only 5 million copies away from hitting the 100 mil bomb, for which everyone expects will be an easy hit for Rockstar Games.

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