Guaranteed Great Throw Trick in Pokemon Go

In the Pokemon Go world, there are many important things you should know, but the most important is to know how to catch the Pokemon that you are after. As we all know, we just have to throw a PokeBall and we have our Pokemon in the dex. Most of the players are having a hard time when it comes to catching a Raid Boss, but with the following great throw trick, forget about wasting a lot of PokeBalls.

There are a lot of videos out there showing you how to make a specific throw, but today, a Pokemon Go player who goes by the name of NuancedFlow on TSR, revealed a new trick, by simply throwing the PokeBall after switching from AR mode.

This trick is great for those who don’t have a lot of time to spare and want to get a great throw each time. In addition, this trick will help cut down the time spent on waiting for the perfect setting to throw.

Here is everything you should know about the guaranteed Great throw trick (video included):

  1. Open encounter mode
  2. Use berries
  3. Turn on AR mode
  4. Then turn it off immediately
  5. And throw that Pokeball (try to be as fast as you can).

The catch here is that the circle defaults to great each time when a player turns on/off AR+. In addition, a great throw is always a better option, because not so many players can make excellent throws.

Don’t wait for the Raid Boss to attack, quickly throw after switching from AR mode from TheSilphRoad

“The thing about nice, great, and excellent throws is that only matters for quests and experience. The size of the circle increases your catch rate even in the slightest. The size of the biggest great is a significant lower catch rate multiplier than the smallest possible great. So every slight change in the circle increases your catch rate.

This trick is nice if you’re in a hurry and fairly bad at throwing, but if you want to walk away with the Legendary, patience is key and setting a circle you’re confident in hitting consistently that is as small as possible for you to feel comfortable hitting consistently is the best method. When people are patient, have a lot of balls, and set their circle an appropriate size for them to land, they’ll have good chances of walking away with it,” explains another Pokemon Go player SvenParadox.

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