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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance to receive new free DLCs

Kingdom Come Deliverance, Warhorse Studio’s open-world action RPG with transparent info have announced to the public that free DLCs are about to come to Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Caring for the future of the game, the developer will also encourage modding, encouraging the community’s creative side.

All the upcoming DLCs will have a different impact on the game. Among them, as stated by DSO, will be Hardcore Mode, The Making of Kingdom Come, a Tournament mode, Combat Academy and Modding Support. Hardcore Mode, Tournament Mode, and modding support are expected to be free to everyone. Sadly, there’s no ETA regarding official DLC releases.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance had a successful launch, escorted by a right amount of players, for which it shall encourage the developer on pushing new updates and bringing new content to the game. Warhorse Studios should continue working and make the free DLCs announcement a reality to everyone.



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