Legendary Pokemon Duo Region Swap, Available until June 5

Different parts of the world are now going to see new Legendary Pokemon, which will be staying until June 5.

The Legendary Duo was announced on April 2, with both Legendary Pokemon divided as follows:

  • Latias available in Europe and Asia for a limited time (May 8)
  • Latios available in North America, South America and Africa also for a limited time (May 8).

On May 8, these Legendary Pokemon will switch region, and from that day until June 5:

  • Latias will be available to battle and catch in North America, South America and Africa
  • Latios will be available to battle and catch in Europe and Asia.

legendary pokemon rotation

Now, when it comes down to the best counters against the Eon Duo, here is everything you need to know:

The raids against them are not that difficult, but they have a Psychic sub-typing instead of Flying. Unlike Rayquaza, Ice-types are not effective against the Lati-twins. These Pokemon aren’t weak to Ice-types, but they are weak to Dark, Bug and Ghost-types. The best counters to them include Rayquaza, Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence and Shadow Ball Mewtwo.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Go players are looking at three events in May:

  1. Battle Showdown event now live (May 1 – May 14)
  2. Community Day event featuring Charmander (May 19)
  3. Adventure Week event (May 19 – May 25)

Happy hunting and catch ’em all!

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