Battlefield 5 to be officially revealed on May 23rd

Electronic Arts most popular shooter, Battlefield will come out with yet another more advanced sequel. After multiple rumors swirling around the web, we now have the host confirming Battlefield 5’s official reveal event. As we said numerous times, the gaming industry in this period is overflooded by rumors that in the end turn out to be true.

Trevor Noah, a well-known actor, comedian, tv host, and gamer has confirmed on his official Twitter Profile that he will host the reveal of the new Battlefield game. At the end of the video, he also takes a sip of drink out of a “V” labeled mug. The event will be hosted on May 23 by Electronic Arts. Most exciting fact is that the new Battlefield game may include a Battle Royale mode. Nothing without it nowadays right?

Well, nothing can be confirmed as we do not know much about the game, just as many other media around the world. Alongside Anthem’s EA PLAY Demo, Battlefield is expected to get a demo version of the game as well, which is going to be playable in this year’s EA Play event.

So that you know, the next Battlefield game was rumored to be different than Battlefield 1. However, it is somewhat known that will be a revival of World War 2. Well, more details shall be discovered on May 23, letting everyone know EA’s plans around this game. We know that most of the fans are already concerned regarding microtransactions, but there’s still time until everything’s settled.

Battlefield is considered as one of the best FPS games around the world, and every fan’s excitement cannot be exactly measured when he hears about the new reveal.

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