New Quests Added to Pokemon Go, Get Ready for New Adventures in May

A new quests texts are now added to the Game Master file as confirmed by the greatest Pokemon Go dataminer Chrales.

The famous Pokemon Go dataminer Chrales has recently discovered a change to the Game Master file, and this time new quests texts appear as follows:

UPDATE: Here you can find every new field research task Pokemon rewards.

  • “quest_evolve_type_electric_plural” “Evolve {0} Electric-Type Pokémon.”
  • “quest_evolve_type_electric_singular” “Evolve an Electric-Type Pokémon.”
  • “quest_evolve_type_flying_plural” “Evolve {0} Flying-Type Pokémon.”
  • “quest_evolve_type_flying_singular” “Evolve a Flying-Type Pokémon.”
  • “quest_evolve_type_ice_plural” “Evolve {0} Ice-Type Pokémon.”
  • “quest_evolve_type_ice_singular” “Evolve an Ice-Type Pokémon.”
  • “quest_evolve_type_water_plural” “Evolve {0} Water-Type Pokémon.”
  • “quest_evolve_type_water_singular” “Evolve a Water-Type Pokémon.”
  • “quest_land_nice_electric_plural” “Catch {0} Electric Pokémon with Nice Throws.”
  • “quest_catch_types_rainy_plural” “Catch {0} Water-, Electric-, or Bug-Type Pokémon.”
  • “quest_catch_types_rainy_singular” “Catch a Water-, Electric-, or Bug-Type Pokémon.”
  • “quest_catch_types_snowy_plural” “Catch {0} Ice- or Steel-Type Pokémon.”
  • “quest_catch_types_snowy_singular” “Catch an Ice- or Steel-Type Pokémon.”
  • “quest_catch_types_windy_plural” “Catch {0} Flying-, Psychic- or Dragon-Type Pokémon.”
  • “quest_catch_types_windy_singular” “Catch a Flying-, Psychic- or Dragon-Type Pokémon.”

It looks like this could be both Zapdos and Articuno set. Here is why:

  • Water – Would relate to Zapdos because water is boosted by Rainy Weather, the same as Zapdos and this could be the explanation for the Rainy Boosted quest texts Pokemon.
  • Ice quests – These quests would be for Articuno. Also, these quests might change to Water Type quests, because the Ice Pokemon are extremely rare in certain areas.

Get ready for a whole new adventure this month Trainers, and don’t forget, Catch ‘Em All!

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