Niantic Confirmed, Lock Ban will be lifted after 90 Days

Last month, a lot of Pokemon Go players received the “red warning” message and most of them got their account locked, without knowing when they will be able to play the game again.

Pokemon Go players who got their account locked have been using third-party apps which is against the rules.

Niantic went on a ‘hunt,’ last month, and these players were banned from using the app. At that point, we thought the accounts are banned for good, but it looks like Niantic is giving one last chance.

Here is the email sent by Niantic, confirming that players who got their account locked, will be able to play the game after 90 days.

Thank you got your inquiry. Your account has been temporarily suspended due to the use of unofficial third-party software which violates the Pokemon Go Terms of Service and the Trainer Guidelines. Your temporary suspension will be lifted in approximately 90 days. Once your account has been reinstated, our expectation is that you will continue to play with the official version of pokemon Go available only on Google Play and App Store. Please note that any further transgressions may lead to permanent and irreversible account termination.”

Rules are rules and are there for a reason, so try not to break them next time, don’t cheat and you’ll be safe!

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